Performing Arts


Blazers act with their whole being!

Trinity’s theatre program has opportunities for both beginners and experienced performers and technicians in the productions onstage and behind the scenes. In classes and in productions, students engage in a feedback-driven process where they learn the importance of experimentation, play, and attention to detail. Theatre offers life skills outside of theatre such as, public speaking, problem-solving, engineering and math.  Imagination and Creativity are the only requirements to participate in the classes and productions.
    • Check out the Clip of Trinity's 2019 Musical "Newsies"

"Trinity has provided me with my favorite place in the world. The auditorium not only functioned as a stage, but also as a lunch table, a bed to nap at, and the place where I feel most 100% myself. The theater department within Trinity has proved to be the greatest jewel of my high school experience. It is representative of Trinity’s inclusive and indefatigable community."
- Olivia Ochoa '20, St Leonard Grade School
Cornell University, Posse Scholar